Heart Tattoos

The heart symbol represents love and passion and the soul. The most common meaning for heart tattoos is love, but it has many other meanings. Heart tattoo designs are popular for men and women and have been depicted many different ways for different people. In Christianity the Sacred Heart represents divine love for Humanity. A Sacred Heart is usually depicted with thorns wrapped around it and a flaming cross on the top.

Heart tattoo designs can be small or large, simple or elaborate. A common heart tattoo design is a heart with a banner around it—usually with a name of a loved one on the banner. Although they don’t always represent love. Broken heart tattoos depict sadness and loss, like an ended relationship or a loved one who has passed away. Celtic hearts with interlocking lines represent a deep bond as if two souls are intertwined. Another common heart theme is heart with wings or winged heart tattoos that seem almost like angel hearts. No matter what kind of style of tattoos you like, hearts are always in style. Even tribal heart tattoos are common which contrast the sharp dark lines of tribal with the soft, round shape and red color of hearts.

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