Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoo designs are usually very pretty and feminine and are usually considered to be girly tattoos. However, flowers are not exclusively for girls. While often feminine, anyone could get a flower tattoo since flowers have a wide range of meanings. Sometimes flowers are linked to names like Rose, Jasmine, Lily or Daisy and men and women both may get a flower tattoo as a way to represent a person they care about.

Some flower tattoo designs picture flowers in full bloom or blossom while others depict buds. Many different flowers have different meanings. For example lilies usually represent life or resurrection, roses are symbol s of love and beauty, daisies represent innocence and poppies are used to console grieving friends and family after a death.

Flower tattoos can be very small or very large. Small flower tattoos may be somewhere on the wrist, ankle, breast or hip. Large flower tattoos may include many flowers along a vine or in a group and span across the entire back, leg or arms. Flower sleeve tattoos are a common way for women who enjoy tattoos all over their body.

Flowers may appear in all different styles of tattoos, including Celtic flower tattoos and tribal flower tattoos. Other common flower tattoo designs might include Japanese flowers, Hawaiian flowers, butterfly and flower tattoos and more. Popular types of flower tattoos range from Hibiscus tattoos, tiger lily tattoos, lotus tattoos and of course rose tattoos.

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