Dove Tattoos

A Dove Tattoo can mean many different things to different people. Most often a white dove is a symbol of peace which may represent a desire for world peace or more simply a desire for personal inner peace. Often times a dove can be depicted holding an olive branch in its beak, which ties in with the theme of peace. In the Christian religion the dove is a holy symbol that represents the Holy Spirit. For religious Christians many dove tattoos may have crosses or depictions of Jesus Christ or even Noah’s ark. However in China the dove is symbol for long life so a dove tattoo may be a charm to promote longevity. Doves can also be a symbol for love and two doves may represent a marriage or lovers.

There are a wide variety of dove tattoos and designs from very simple outlines to detailed brightly colored pictures. Sometimes doves can be seen with an olive brand and a banner of peace or even flowers, hearts and clouds. Sometimes dove tattoos can not only incorporate religion but culture as well, such as a Celtic dove tattoo or a tribal dove tattoo.

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