Women Tattoos

Almost as common as subjects like anchors, skulls and dragons, women tattoos are a popular tattoo idea. Men and women alike are both known to get women tattoos designs. Sometimes women tattoos are sexy and feature women in lingerie or naked women, while others are more elegant wearing dresses or gowns. Fairies and angels are common beautiful women tattoo designs. Sexy women pinup tattoos are another popular tattoo idea. They might be beautiful, sexy or even gory like a zombie girl.

Tattoos of women on men are pretty common tattoos, usually in a pinup style. A women tattoo design on the forearm could be made to look like she’s dancing, which is why it’s a popular spot for a women tattoo. Some women tattoos feature a simple portrait while others are full body. Other common areas to get tattoos of women include the upper arm and the calf, but really they could be placed anywhere on the body.

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