Color Tattoos

If you really want a tattoo that’s vibrant and noticeable then color tattoos are the way to go. Whether you’re looking for full color tattoos with a wide variety of pigments or just a little bit of accent, color goes a long way to get attention.

Color tattoos don’t have to be vibrant and full or different colors. A tattoo can have just one or two pigments as accents to the overall design. Light colors may fade over time and require some retouching, so be prepared to get work done again. Always ask your tattoo artist beforehand about maintenance and color fading so you know what to expect with any new tattoo.

Always make sure when deciding on what kind of color tattoo to get that you get colors that will always be in style and look good together rather than fad colors that are popular at the moment. As where black tattoos always look classic and cool sometimes a color tattoo design can really date the tattoo based on the style.