World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist

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Worlds Youngest Tattoo Artist is 3 Years Old Worlds Youngest Tattoo Artist

While most kids her age are playing with crayons and barely trusted with a set of markers, Ruby Dickinson, age 3, is already a tattoo artist. Ruby gets her tattoo skills from her dad, Blane Dickinson who owns a tattoo shop. Currently she practices with a toy kit, but for her 4th birthday she’ll get the real deal and tattoo her father.

Ruby will be getting the miniature tattoo kit for her fourth birthday in October. Mr Dickinson told North Wales Pioneer: ‘Ruby is well aware she is getting the kit, she cannot wait. She wants to be a tattoo artist when she grows up. ‘The aim is to get her to tattoo my leg with a birthday message for my 40th birthday.’ The toddler currently takes tattoo lessons after nursery as well as practising with a toy kit at her father’s shop.

Of course she won’t be tattooing a full backpiece any time soon, but she will tattoo a small spider on her father’s leg for his 40th birthday.

Via Unique Daily

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