Symbol Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos could be anything from Asian characters and lettering to symbols of the zodiac or even a dollar sign. Symbol tattoos are a great way to portray a message or idea without being direct. Symbol tattoos provide a great excuse to share a story or talk about the meaning of your tattoo because people will ask about a symbol they don’t know the meaning behind.

Many languages use symbols rather than an alphabet, which make great tattoos. Chinese and Japanese symbol tattoos are very common tattoo designs. Many people get Kanji tattoos that have specific meanings, like an honor or a strength symbol tattoo. Sometimes people may opt for religious or spiritual tattoos with Buddhist or Hindu symbols, like the ohm or om symbol. Some symbol tattoo ideas may go back very far in history and have ancient origins.

Some other common symbols are seen in many cultures around the world, like the infinity symbol, peace signs and symbols for money. Zodiac symbols are also very common with interesting designs depending on what astrological sign you were born under.

Even though many symbols are said to represent specific things, many people find personal meaning within their symbol tattoos. No matter what kind of symbol tattoo you get, it’s most likely to have an interesting meaning to you.

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