Music Note Tattoos

Anyone with a passion for music might want to get a music note tattoo to show it. You can keep things simple and get just a single music note or a clef (which is the symbol at the beginning of a line of music). Small music note tattoos are great for someone who wants to get something simple that can be easily concealed. Treble clefs in particular make great tattoo designs because of their beautiful curves and varying lines.

If a specific song has meaning to a person a tattoo could include a bar of music with a few notes from that song. Sometimes music note tattoos even include an instrument that seems to be playing the sound like a guitar or a trumpet. There are so many unique tattoo designs that incorporate musical notes and clefs into a bigger picture as a way to make a statement about a person’s life and interests. Some people combine cool music note tattoos with symbols like a flame to represent their fiery passion for music while others might combine them with a symbol like a star to represent their desire for fame. Another popular music note tattoo design is a heart music note because music often makes people experience deep emotions.

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