Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos are a popular tattoo idea because they are meaningful and can be very simple of very complex. Animals have many different meanings in different cultures so they make meaningful tattoos. Many people find personal connection with different animals based on their specific traits. In Native American cultures a person’s spirit guide may manifest in the form of an animal. Many animals are revered and respected for different reasons and because of that animal tattoo designs are popular among all kinds of people.

Some animal tattoo designs are very detailed and photorealistic or 3D while others are simple and more symbolic that realistic. Sometimes animal tattoos are done in a tribal style or a simple outline in one or two colors. Animal tattoos can represent many things from strength, wisdom, courage, and patriotism. Eagle tattoos for example can represent America, while a wolf might represent loyalty and a horse may represent a free spirit.

Some people may choose to get a tattoo of their favorite animal because they can relate to its traits or because they like the way it looks. Others may even get memorial tattoos of their pets. And in some cases animals may be part of a larger image like a landscape.

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