Wings Tattoos

Tattoos of wings can have many meanings, representing beauty, peace, love or spirituality. Sometimes wings are just a small element of a tattoo, or they can be the central focus, like in the case of a full wings tattoo back piece. Wings tattoos that cover the entire back are very popular as they may represent freedom or aspiration, symbolizing the ability to fly. Wings on the back may be very small, just over the shoulder blades or very large, spanning the entire length of the back. The style of the wings may represent different meanings to the wear. Feathered wings like an angel or a bird have a much more pure feeling than wings like a bat or dragon. Fairy wings are another gentle and innocent style of wings that would have different meanings for the wear, and link back to fantasy.

Sometimes wings are a large part of a particular tattoo design, like a dragon, pegasus, griffin, fairy or other creature. Winged creates are often symbols of magical of fantasy tattoo designs. Sometimes wings are attached to symbols like hearts or even logos. Angel wings tattoos may have deep religious influence. Angel wings can take on a lot of different meanings like divinity, safety since they are guardians, or a message since of course Angels are said to be messengers. Memorial tattoos with angel wings are common as a way to signify that a loved one is now among angels.

While wings on the back are very popular, wings can be anywhere. For example wings on the feet might represent Mercury or Hermes. Wing tattoos tend to look good somewhere centered on the body since they are usually symmetrical, since they are in pairs.

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