Tattoos For Girls

While today it’s not a big deal for girls to have tattoos originally it was considered very risqué or even taboo. However some tribal cultures have always allowed women to get tattoos, even though they are still primarily reserved for men. Nowadays tattoos for girls or women are very common thanks to celebrities and the overall popularity of tattoos. It still might be considered rebellious or extreme for girls to get a lot of ink done, but in general a few tattoos barely raise an eyebrow these days.

Lower back tattoos for girls, as well as ankle tattoos and hip tattoos for girls are very common tattoo locations. These are popular spots because they accent the natural curves or daintiness of the female body. Lower back tattoos on girls are usually nicknamed “tramp stamps” because of their original meaning in society, but today they are very common.

Common tattoo designs for girls include dragonfly, dragon, angel, flower, star, cross and fairy designs. Many cute girl tattoos are also decorated with tribal or Celtic designs. Many people find tattoos to be sexy, so some girls may seek hot tattoos for girls that show off their figure. Whether your taste is sexy or girly or bad ass, there’s tons of great tattoo designs for women and girls out there to choose from.