Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions? We have answers. Let’s see if they match.

Why don’t you guys have any tattoo pics of (fill in the blank)?
We don’t? Tell us! We’ll try to add some. ;)

I want Ink Art Tattoo visitors to rate my ink! How do I do that?
Sign up and submit your tattoo here.

My tattoo is on your site but it doesn’t say it’s mine. Wtf guys?
Please contact us and let us know who you are and where you got it done and we’ll add it to the site. Have your own website? We’d be happy to link back. We find so many uncredited tattoo around the net that are worth showing off because they’re awesome, but we unfortunately don’t always know where they came from.

Nice free flash. Where can I get my own custom design?
Our flash artists are available for commissions. Contact our flash artists for rates and details.