Tribal Tattoos

Arguable the most popular style of tattoo, Tribal Tattoos started historically as a way for many tribes and clans to identify one another. In many other cases they were used to demonstrate power and aggression. Tribal designs are known for their strong style and dramatic use of black lines and symmetrical shapes.

The inspiration for many tribal tattoos include Hawaiian tribal tattoos, Maori Tribal tattoos, Polynesian Tribal Tattoos, African, Native American and even Celtic tattoos.

Tribal tattoo designs can stand on their own or be used to decorate a central image. Some popular tribal tattoo ideas include dragon tribal tattoos, scorpion tribal tattoos, as well as tribal designs around a tiger, stars, a dragonfly, a cross, or a lizard.

Tribal tattoos are often seen on the arm in the form of a tribal armband tattoo, but can be seen anywhere on the body. Tribal Back Tattoos, leg tattoos, lower back tattoos and even tribal tattoo sleeves are popular locations for tribal tattoos.

Tribal tattoos add a lot of impact to any tattoo design and for many have powerful, spiritual meanings and too others are just exciting tattoo designs that look cool. If you’re looking for some cool tribal tattoo ideas check out our collection of the best tribal tattoos.

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