Asian Tattoos

Some of the most popular tattoo ideas are Asian tattoos. Everything from Chinese and Japanese symbols to koi fish, Asian dragons, geishas and cherry blossoms fall under the category of Asian tattoo designs. Part of why Asian tattoos are so popular is because they are exotic. While an English word of phrase looks so common a beautiful Asian symbol or kanji representing words like Love or Hope make a very beautiful and unique tattoo.

Of course when you get an Asian symbol tattoo it’s important to double check that you have the correct meaning and that the character is drawn properly. One small mistake could change the entire meaning of the tattoo so it’s important to double and triple check the meaning.

Not all Asian tattoo ideas include characters. Some include Asian art and ancient emblems and imagery from China, Japan and other Asian cultures. While the subject can indicate that a particular tattoo is Asian influenced, the style is also important. People may be depicted in a similar style to ancient Asian artwork found on scrolls. Even the way animals like tigers, pandas and foxes have a unique style in Asian artwork that sets them apart from Western styles of tattoos.

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