Sexy Tattoos

For a lot of people tattoos are synonymous with sexy. Just having a tattoo can be considered incredibly sexy. Beyond that, it’s really in the eye of the beholder whether or not a tattoo design itself can be considered a sexy tattoo.

Some tattoos are considered sexy based on where they are on the body. Lower back tattoos are considered extremely sexy, although they have earned the nick name “tramp stamp” because they are almost a sexy tattoo cliché. None the less they highlight a beautiful part of the female form. Sometimes the sexiest thing about tattoos is that they aren’t always visible. A tattoo that’s usually hidden under clothes can be very mysterious and enticing, making them incredibly sexy.

Tattoos can also be sexy based on what they are of. A pin-up tattoo of a woman in a sexy outfit and pose is a popular sexy tattoo design, no matter where it’s located. Sexy women tattoo are very popular among guys and girls. Pin-up tattoos for girls has become an increasingly common fad since many girls find them fun, feminine and in many cases empowering.

No matter the reason, subject matter or location, it’s really up to you to decide what you consider a sexy tattoo design.

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