Cross Tattoos

Perhaps the most common religious tattoo is the cross tattoo, however the cross symbol goes back well before Christ. The crucifix of course being the most common type of cross, there are also other types from many different cultures including the ankh and the Coptic cross from the ancient Egyptians, the sun cross from which has been around since the Neolithic era, the Greek cross which has equal sided arms and the High Cross, which is a common Celtic cross design. There are countless other cross designs, so it may take a long time to choose the perfect cross tattoo for you.

Some choose to get simple and small cross tattoos while others may choose to get large, very intricate designs. Some cross tattoo designs include Jesus Christ, angels or other religious symbols. Other popular ideas include Tribal cross tattoos, Celtic cross tattoos, gothic crosses, and crosses with roses, skulls, butterflies and rosary.

Cross tattoo designs might just be a cross on their own, or they could be decorated with details like vines or flowers. Sometimes cross tattoos are made to look like they are made of stone or wood with detailed texture, while other times they are simple and small.

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