Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos can be large or small, covering your entire leg or just part of it. While a full leg tattoo allows for a lot of room to work with the leg tattoo design must be carefully considered due to the cylindrical shape of the leg. Sometimes a leg tat wraps all the way around like a tribal leg tattoo, while some run up and down like a vine or rose leg tattoo. Leg tattoos are great for showing off on a hot day, but also very easy to hide under pants.

Polynesian and Maori leg tattoos whether traditional or emulated are bold and accent the leg muscles with intricate curved designs. There’s no limit to the amount of leg tattoo ideas… some people prefer star leg tattoos, flowers, dragon leg tattoos, skulls, black ink tats or full color tattoo designs. Complicated leg tattoos or sleeves may take several weeks or even months to complete, but of course are worth the time and pain.