Ext Inked – 100 Endangered Species Tattoos

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ExtInked 100 Endangered Species Tattoos Ext Inked   100 Endangered Species Tattoos

What can you do to preserve endangered species? Tattoo it to your body permanently to help keep it alive. The Ultimate Holding Company, a British Art Collective offered 100 tattoos of endangered species to people committed to preserving them. The project, called Ext Inked, is meant to raise awareness of endangered species since tattoos usually make for great conversation. One woman who got a tall thrift plant admitted that the star tattoos on her arms don’t mean much, but that her Ext Inked tattoo does. The tattoos were done by the UK studio, Ink Vs Steel. You can check out more pics of Ext Inked tattoos on their Facebook page or at UHC.org

New Scientist via Neatorama

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