Celebrity Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

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oprah tony danza tattoos Celebrity Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

It may seem silly to get a celebrity’s face tattooed to your arm, but hey, if that celebrity touched your life in some way, then go for it. Just don’t go to the tattoo shops that did the work featured in Ranker’s latest tattoo related list. They compiled a list of the 25 terrible tattoos of celebrities’ faces. The list features such memorable faces as David Spade, Alan Alda, and Willie Nelson, and every face on the list is more horrifying than the one before.

It’s easy to imagine someone getting a tattoo of a celebrity’s face, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being happy with the celebrity face tattoos on that list. We’ll be having nightmares about that Tony Danza tattoo for the rest of our lives.

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Celebrity Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong, 3.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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