How To Photoshop Realistic Looking Tattoos

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A lot of tutorials meant to teach you how to Photoshop a tattoo onto a photo only show you about half of the process. Sure, they show you how to paste an image and get it in the right spot and decrease the opacity so it looks a little faded, but they still end up looking stuck on. This thorough tutorial shows you how to get the tattoo to look like it wraps around the body by using a displacement map as well as how to get it tinted to a natural color. The result is pretty convincing and even looks as though the tattoo has had some time to age.

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How To Photoshop Realistic Looking Tattoos, 6.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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2 Comment on How To Photoshop Realistic Looking Tattoos

  1. ColorfulFool says:
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    This is a great tool for people like me who are always so unsure of how their final tattoo will turn out!

    • joe says:
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      i love the tattoo demo. its the first time ive seen the multiply layer used, thats great. on that note. is there an easy way to knock out a white background. like if you just wanted to open the tattoo photo and remove the white back and retain the black tattoo image or is magic wand the only way to go with that.

      thank you



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