80′s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

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tottally rad 80s tattoos 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Children of the 80s are by far the most nostalgic generation… we can’t let go of our favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons, toys and video games… so what do we do to remember our childhood now that we’re all grown up? Get a rad 80s tattoo of course. Check out some of the more rad, bad 80s tattoos out there.

mt rushmore golden girls tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Golden Girls Tattoo

We’re not sure what kind of friend lets you get a tattoo of the Golden Girls on Mt Rushmore, but you gotta give them credit for being original.

ghostbusters arm tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Ghostbusters Tattoo

He could have just got Slimer or the Ghostbusters logo, but no, he got the whole gang, proton packs and all, taking down the Stay Puft Marshmallow man on his arm. Wow.

gizmo gremlins tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Gizmo Gremlins Tattoo Tattoo

Two things happened after everyone saw the Gremlins: everyone named their cat Gizmo and some folks got cool Gremlin tattoos.

80s madonna tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Madonna Tattoo

Before she suddenly became British and practiced Kabbala, Madonna was a Material Girl through and through… although we highly doubt she was ever a virgin in the 80s. This 80s Madonna tattoo pages homage to the wild bleached hair, bracelets and skirts over capris 80s Madonna.

daniel karate kid tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Daniel from Karate Kid Tattoo

Okay maybe Bat for Lashes doesn’t actually have a Karate Kid tattoo on her back, but she does love Daniel enough to name an album after him… maybe she was just testing it out with a body painting.

teenage mutant ninja turtles tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Ninja Turtles Tattoo

You better believe that if Mom didn’t get us home from kindergarten before 4 o’clock to watch the Ninja Turtles that all hell broke loose. Also, there had to be pizza.

Alf tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Alf Tattoo

When we think of 80s we think of bad hair, cocaine and of course everyone’s favorite cat eating sitcom alien, Alf. Glad to know we’re not alone.

michael jackson thriller zombie tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Michael Jackson

We think everyone’s favorite way to remember Michael is as the 80s Michael. Us? We love to remember him as zombie Thriller Michael. That’s why we love this Thriller Michael Jackson tattoo.

ET tattoos 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

ET Tattoo

That’s right, we now live in a world where everyone gets their favorite movie from when they were five tattooed to their bodies as adults… and we love it. Check out these cool E.T. Tattoos.

my little pony sleeve tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

My Little Pony Tattoo Sleeve

Hardcore body moders might get tattoo sleeves, but hardcore children of the 80s get My Little Pony tattoo sleeves.

Kitt Knight Rider Tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Knight Rider Tattoo

You like Trans Ams? You like the 80s? And we won’t even ask you if you liked Knight Rider because of course you did… Knight Rider was the shit. And so is this KITT Knight Rider tattoo.

Goonies Tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

The Goonies Tattoo

Hey you guys! Who could forget that hideous deformity from the Goonies… oh and Sloth is there too.

back to the future delorean tattoos 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Back to the Future Tattoos

Have you ever gotten a terrible tattoo? Too bad you didn’t have a DelLorean to go back in time and stop yourself from getting it. That’s not a comment of these Back to the Future Tattoos—these are awesome.

walkman tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Walkman Tattoo

Do you think one day people will get tattoos of iPods? Maybe the 80s generation is the only one nostalgic enough to get a music player permanently tattooed to their bodies.

never ending story tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Never Ending Story Tattoo

There’s something magical about a boy riding his luckdragon. We heart this Bastian and Falkor Never Ending Story tattoo.

pacman tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Pacman Chest Tattoo

Pacman made an impression as many people’s first video game in 1980 and almost 30 years later it apparently also makes a great first tattoo.

rubiks cube tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Rubik’s Cube Tattoo

Everyone got a rubik’s cube in the 80s but has anyone actually solved one without cheating? Clearly this guy hasn’t since even his rubik’s cube tattoo is broken.

labyrinth worm tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Labyrinth Worm Tattoo

“Did you just say ‘hello?” “No, I said ello, but that’s close enough.” Want to know how to get into the Labyrinth? Ask this little guy.

rainbow bright carebear tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Rainbow Bright giving a Care Bear a Tattoo

Ever wonder how Care Bears get their tummy symbols? Apparently they visit Rainbow Bright’s Tattoo shop.

california raisins tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

California Raisins Tattoo

We heard it through the grapevine that John McCauly loves California Raisins so much he got a tattoo.

Popples Tattoo 80s Tattoos That Are Totally Rad

Popples Tattoo

Look, we know you know Care Bears and My Little Pony and all the popular toys that are still easy to find today, but you weren’t alive in the 80s if you don’t know what Popples are. What? They remade them in 2007? Shut up poser.

If anyone knows about any other cool 80s tattoos, please let us know in the comments. (We’re totally hoping for a Breakfast Club Tattoo)

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      Lol! I have been interested lately in getting myself some kinda 80′s inspired tat and so I came across this page here…I read ur comment about the “Better Off Dead” remark, “I want my two dollars!” and my goodness! It brought back some really amazing & funny memories for me! …”and here we have Fronch Fries, and then we’ve got Fronch Dressing, and after dinner “Peru”!” holy crap!!! What a movie! It saddens me as to how many people out there don’t remember the movie if asked about it! Classic! Well I was hoping for a couple possible ideas if u maybe had any or could think of any that have to do with movie!? I’d really appreciate any feedback! Thanks a lot, Jamie

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      I had stars on my wrist and I just added more stars and some words and a design and stuff. The arsitt just touched up a few of the older spots and it looks totally great! You can\’t even tell I had it done at two different times.


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