OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos

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OMG WTF Jesus Tattoos OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
jesus dino leep OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos

Praying hands, the cross and Jesus are common tattoo symbols with tons of unique variations and interpretations. Perhaps too many…Some folks take their religion pretty seriously, and some well, let’s just say they make you want to say OMG in vain. These Jesus tattoos range from ridiculous to offensive to just plain WTF.

How’s that song go again? “Jesus loves me, this I know… because these tattoos tell me so.”

raptor jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Raptor Jesus Tattoo
He went extinct for our sins.

zombie jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Zombie Jesus Tattoo
He came back…. again.

pimp jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Pimp Jesus Tattoo
He turns water into Colt 45.

gumbi jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Gumbi Jesus Tattoo
It’s alright, he can just stretch out his arms until his feet touch the ground.

jesus pez tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus Pez Dispenser
It spits out communion wafers instead of Pez – raw deal.

einstein jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Einstein Jesus Tattoo
Who says science and religion can’t coexist?

hello kitty jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Hello Kitty Jesus Tattoo
They say God is present in all things, and Hello Kitty merchandise is pretty much everywhere, so when you think about it, this tattoo makes sense.

jesus spock tattoo design OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus Spock Tattoo
Wait, Jesus didn’t coin the phrase “live long and prosper”?

omg lol jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
OMG LOL Jesus Tattoo
It’s good to know that Jesus has a sense of humor.

I aint afraid of no ghost jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus Ghostbusters Tattoo
Who ya gonna call? Christ Busters!

jesus cajun chef tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Cajun Chef Jesus Tattoo
If anyone can make a divine pot of gumbo, it’s Jesus.

jesus is cool tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Cool Guy Jesus Tattoo
Jesus takes up a cooler look in order to appeal to the kids.

jesus riding a dinosaur tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus Riding a Dinosaur Tattoo
Not only did people live alongside the dinosaurs when earth was created 6000 years ago, but Jesus tamed them.

jesus is my homey OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus is my Homeboy Tattoo
Jesus is my homeboy, this I know fo’ sho’.

jesus rocks tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Rockin’ Jesus Tattoo
If Jesus had lived in modern times, he probably would have been a guitar-playing hippie… he’s got the hair for it.

zombie jesus fish tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Zombie Jesus Fish Tattoo
If you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he’ll acquire a taste for delicious brains.

two in the pink one in the stink jesus OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Two in the Pink Jesus Tattoo
That maneuver shall hence forth be referred to as “The Holy Touch”.

gay jesus tattoo OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos
Jesus Kissing Satan Tattoo
Jesus loves EVERYONE. (Yes in that way.)

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12 Comment on OMG! WTF Jesus Tattoos

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by whatthegeek: Thinking about getting a tattoo this Easter? Let me make a few suggestions:

  2. VA:F [1.9.8_1114]
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    Hmmm, laughing Jesus tattoos and pirate Jesus tattoos are slightly disturbing. Do the people who got these tattoos actually know who Jesus is, and that they will meet him one day?

  3. flippertie says:
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    @Hebrew Tattoos
    I’d guess that most of the people with tattoos that disturb you are making a statement to the effect that they don’t expect to meet anyone after they’re dead. They’re doing it in a loud and permanent way – probably as a reaction to the loud and permanently in-your-face way that certain cultists stick their beliefs all over their public lives.

  4. jesse says:
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    The zombie jesus fish tattoo was pretty cool.

  5. godlessjezebelle says:
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    BWAHAHAHAH Jesus doing the shocker!!!!! These made my day :) Jesus pez was pretty freaking brilliant to!!

  6. sweet says:
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  7. Lt.J-ron says:
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    Tattoos such as this do not deserve to be called Jesus tattoos because they incorporate the devil and God as one which is not true.Whoever gets them should remember that all are subject to judgment at the end so beware of how you brand yourself!It is never funny trying to ridicule the Lord cause you just might not make it to the other side.Just do what is right and funny though it seems,all who get these tattoos are mature in mind but blind because of public opinion.

  8. Rich says:
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    Peoples ignorance never ceases to amaze me. The artists should refuse to do such nonsense.


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